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Webinar Speaker : Eric HUBLER (International Speaker & Leadership Consultant @Altamira Development)

After graduating from the Strasbourg Business School in 1989, Eric started his career in the USA as Head of the Alsace Trade Office in LA, then spent 6 months in South America and worked for 2 years as Europe Sales Manager for a French industrial company before joining the family business (Hubler SA) in 1994 for 12 years as a commercial director.  

Searching for a new professional challenge, he created Altamira Development in 2005 & invented a new way to enhance leadership skills through balance, a unique technique inspired by aikido principles.

Today, Eric holds conferences around the world, gives advice and provides support for high-level managers, teaches leadership and well-being through balance to executives & the general public. With his contagious optimism, his zest for life & his engaging sense of humor, he transmits his passion for excellence & the essential keys to a successful professional life & personal life. 

A new route toward performance !

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