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Pamela's Cv


I am a fresh graduate Civil Engineer with a passion for business and a talent for technology. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure of working with has made me into who I am today. Whether my small business “learn and Earn” where I am helping college students in their studies by advising and guiding them. My final year project helped me to strengthen my team work ethics. My internships enhanced my research and communications skills and helped me stick to deadlines by delivering daily reports about my work. Finally working with my father at his own business of supplying building material and managing my own business “Kroum Zahleh” where I maintained professional relationships with my clients who were always satisfied.

Parcours officiels

USJ – ESIB – Ingénieur – 2020 – Diplôme d'ingénieur - spécialité génie civil - option : travaux publics et transports